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Since 1995, Barnstorm, a seven day drama and music camp for young people, has been running on May Hill

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Traditionally each year 32 young people aged between 12-18 years arrive to camp and work with professional theatre directors, musical directors and artists, who throw out their usual fee to be part of this magical event.

A cottage garden, a track, a field and a village hall are transformed into a performing arts venue and the Gloucestershire countryside is filled with beautiful harmonies and a fair amount of singing and shouting.

If you’d like to see some of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes at Barnstorm, why not watch The Making of Stargazing, a 20 minute documentary from Barnstorm 2006 by television and film editor Jimmy Edmonds.

Barnstorm is a truly unique event

The price of the week is kept to an absolute minimum and no profit is made. To help keep costs down, participants’ parents, are asked to help out before or during the week. Many do this by preparing some bulk cooking (bolognese for ten?). Some help out with the costumes and scenery, others may turn up on the last day with their gloves, brooms and screwdrivers to help with the big clear up. One favourite peculiarity is that each actor is asked to bring a cake for ten and these are devoured during the afternoon tea breaks.

As Barnstorm’s reputation has grown, so has the size of the audience. The final night has become the exclusive preserve of the families of the actors. They arrive at 6pm and set up their picnic in the gardens which they share with the actors before their call for the show at 8pm.

Barnstorm has become very popular

It has doubled in size and since 2009 we have run two weeks. Even so, competition is fierce so please take action the 1st January and follow the instructions on the apply section of the website.

Please note: Barnstorm is very hard work. The working day is often from 9am - 9pm. All participants have to take part in the whole week including the clearing up on the last day. If you feel your child is not ready for this kind of commitment please give it another year.

Barnstorm’s core team are: Tessa Kemp (producer/director), Jo Bousfield (director) & Jez Taylor (Musical Director).